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We are offering 2 NEW Opportunities

Volunteer Assistant Teacher Training

Paid Assistant Teacher Training

with BBO Student Teacher Qualification

Dancers who are currently enrolled in Adagio School of Dance and are age 13 or above, have the opportunity to apply for the Dance Teaching Assistant Program. This program is designed to give current students hands-on experience towards becoming trained dance instructors and mature leaders. Schedules are determined by the principal and are considered a great honour and responsibility.

The opportunity to serve as a Dance Teaching Assistant is an invaluable learning experience and may result in future work references and teaching opportunities. Dance Teaching Assistants represent the Adagio’s dance program and must be exemplary students and volunteers. Any misconduct, poor behaviour, poor sportsmanship, disrespect of fellow dancers/instructors in the classroom or at facilities/events will result in an immediate termination of position.

All Teaching Assistants must begin the program as a volunteer. Limited paid positions are available for volunteer assistants to apply for, beginning at age 16. All assistants will be evaluated and assessed by the instructor and management team periodically. Schedules are subject to change throughout the program year based on class enrolment.

Volunteer assistant

paid assistant

Age Range

Skill Requirements

Duration of Assisting  

Absence Policy

11-23 years of age

14-17 years of age

Proficient skills taught at level assisting 


3 absences a term

1 Year Minimum

2 absences a term

Levels Allowed to Assist

Must have a 2 year age gap with enrolled dancers
or ability much higher than class participants
(Principal to decide)

Benefits Received

(Depending on
Covid-19 Restrictions)

Use of dance studios to practice (subject to availability)


10% discount off dancewear (excludes promotions and already discounted apparel)

All staff benefits. (Please see staff handbook)

Paid Hourly (NMW)

Currently Enrolled
in Adagio Dance Classes

Minimum of 1 class per week

Number of Classes Able to Assist

3 Classes per week


1-4 Classes per week

Minimum Students Enrolled in Classes for an Assistant

2-6 preschool / 12-15 regular

10 preschool / 15 regular

Dance Teaching Assistants Expectations

  • Arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time.  

  • Show enthusiasm without being disruptive.  

  • Learn dancer names and work to connect with students.  

  • Notify the Principal, via appropriate means studio phone 01277 224345 email of absence or lateness a min of 1 hour before class starts.

  • Absence policy refers to excused or unexcused absences, and Dance Teaching Assistants could be dismissed if the maximum absences is exceeded each session.

  • Demonstrate proper technique, etiquette and behaviour in the classroom.

  • Dress appropriately and follow the Adagio’s dress code for each class.

  • Must be respectful, proactive and helpful in any task the instructor may ask.

  • Give corrections with confidence and offer corrections in a positive way.

  • Must not know any students or parents on a personal level in the class assisting


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