Adagio School of Dance

Adagio School of Dance operate out of their own premises with 5 state of the

art studios with sprung floors, mirrors and barre.


We hold classes for both boys and girls in



  • TAP












We also have Adult Classes in:



  • YOGA

  • JAZZ

  • TAP





So why not come along and meet our team of fully Qualified Staff and book your child or yourself a class today on: 01277 224345


As the leading Classical Dance School in Essex, under the direction of Principal Bronwen Patching, Adagio School of Dance promotes excellence and access into the world of ballet through dance education with the aim of inspiring a life-long love of dance in every pupil. The ethos which lies at the heart of the school is to dream, aspire, achieve and excel.


Whether a student is just starting at the age of 2, or a competent student seeking help in preparation for a professional career, Adagio offers a progressive dance curriculum in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Musical Theatre for students of all ages and level. Exceptionally high standards are achieved across all dance disciplines.

Adagio School of Dance offers:


  • New step by step Junior programme

  • Free trial class for all new pupils

  • Classes to suit all abilities ages

  • A comprehensive ballet curriculum for both boys and girls with a unique ballet training program supported by renowned guest teachers.

  • Muscial Theatres classes with various aspects of performance including dance, drama, singing and acting to encourage students to further develop their talents.

  • Appropriate training and support to allow all pupils to achieve and fulfil their individual and collective potential.

  • A way of instilling positive value, life-skills and health benefits through the educational process specific to the study of dance.


Adagio School of Dance nurtures and prepares students on their dancing journey to a potentially professional career. Many pupils have gone on to successful careers in various areas joining professional ballet and dance companies and achieving high-level placements and scholarships at prestigious dance establishments.  


Teaching Philosophy
While excellence in technical training is crucial to our mission, Adagio School of Dance goes well beyond technique supporting the development of the whole student. A great emphasis is placed on the quality of teaching that is specifically tailored to each individual and recognises the different ways in which learners grow and progress. This structure helps students to grow in confidence whilst enjoying a friendly class environment.


At Adagio School of Dance pupils are continually stretched and challenged. They are encouraged to train and take exams, to perform at festivals, to participate in the annual ISTD Ballet Awards and to promote their excellent achievements through the professional bi-annual Adagio show and annual Musical Theatre production. In addition, tailored ballet courses and dance workshops are run and demonstration classes are performed to the local community. The happy, inclusive atmosphere of our school is testament to the success of our approach.


The Student’s Journey
Every child is known individually and is supported by dedicated teachers and staff. All young dancers are given the opportunity to enjoy their learning as this is the surest route to enabling them to excel.

Advancement through Adagio School of Dance is based on many factor’s including a pupil’s strength, physical development, effort, mastery of material, maturity, attendance record and artistic development.

Ultimately, every student is encouraged to fulfil their potential in all they do at
Adagio School of Dance and be the very best they can.


Bronwen Patching

Principal Director